Advisory Board member Quincy Jones’ Qwest TV to make Educational Platform available to schools for free

The Institute welcomes the recent announcement by leading jazz streaming channel Qwest TV that it will make its entire catalogue of educational videos available for free to schools and universities worldwide. 

Founded by longtime Institute Advisory Board member Quincy Jones, Qwest TV is the world’s first subscription video-on-demand source for jazz and related musical content. The service features a curated selection of ad-free concerts, interviews, documentaries and exclusive, original content, all in HD or 4K.

As part of the initiative, which was announced on Juneteenth 2020, Qwest TV will provide 12 months of free, unlimited access to its Educational Platform to institutions that submit an application via its website. The content on offer includes more than 1,000 concert and documentary films featuring iconic figures from jazz and beyond such as Herbie Hancock, Louis Armstrong, Gregory Porter, Ella Fitzgerald, Christian Scott, Richard Bona, Antonio Sanchez, Theo Croker, Chick Corea, Bobby McFerrin and more. The videos provide an extraordinary opportunity for students of all ages and backgrounds to gain an understanding of the historical origins and cultural significance of jazz and related art forms, and familiarize themselves with important innovators in contemporary music.

Qwest TV is offering 12 months of free access to the Qwest TV Educational Platform for educational institutions around the world.

Jones and Qwest TV co-founder Réza Ackbaraly conceived of the special offer as a means of educating young people throughout the United States and around the world about the history and cultural significance of Black American music.

Notes Jones, “There is something absolutely beautiful about the fact that music has the unique ability to connect people from all walks of life. I’m talking about individuals of different races, beliefs, socio-economic statuses, you name it. And man, the history of our music is incredibly deep; the fact of the matter is, people don’t know enough about it and the influence that it has had on our modern day music and life. We want each kid and student to be able to freely explore their musical history by rediscovering their roots, both through jazz and beyond.”

To learn more about the Qwest TV Educational Platform, and to submit your educational institution’s information, visit

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