2022 National Peer-to-Peer Jazz Quintet Visits Delaware Public Schools
2022 Jazz Informance at the U.S. Department of Education
What Is Jazz, And Why It Is Important to The World | U.S. Dept. of Education Informance
2019 Peer-to-Peer Performance at Manchester, NH’s Central High
Peer-to-Peer Tour 2019 with Steve Wilson, Oklahoma City
Peer-to-Peer Tour 2018 with Don Braden, Sioux Falls
Peer-to-Peer Tour 2017 with Delfeayo Marsalis, Dallas
Peer to Peer Tour 2016 with Don Braden, Houston
Peer-to-Peer Tour 2015 with Charenee Wade and Bobby Broom, Phoenix
Peer to Peer Tour 2014 with Antonio Hart, Buffalo